Natural Car Air Freshener - Vent Clip Essential Oil Diffuser Set

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Maintenance Free No need to replace felt pads, change water, or plug in power. Just fill the diffuser with our essential oils and let wood's natural fibers slowly and consistently diffuse the scent.

Long Lasting Scent Essential oils are expensive and should be dispersed efficiently. With our 5ml large glass reservoir and wood's naturally absorbent makeup, enjoy long lasting fragrance for up to 60 days.

Natural Ingredients Kindred essential oils are pure, responsibly sourced, and a healthy alternative to other chemical based synthetic car air fresheners.

Therapeutic Benefits Essential oils are an easy and convenient way to get a slight edge in health. Aromatherapy has been linked to benefits that can improve emotional, mental, and physical health.

Lifetime Warranty Durability and quality guaranteed. Shop with confidence with our no questions asked lifetime warranty policy.

Nature's medicine cabinet on the go.

In today's rat race frenzy, from raising families to climbing corporate ladders, it has become difficult to find the time to make health a top priority. The reality is everyone has the same amount of time; spending it wisely is the key. From buying organic groceries to taking natural supplements, people are quickly realizing how small tweaks in their lifestyle can not only have a positive impact, but can also be integrated with very little investment of time. At the forefront of this trend are essential oils. Essential oils are a healthy alternative to chemical based air fresheners and have been linked to benefits such as reduced stress, strengthened immunity, and boosted energy.

This is why we created the Kindred Essential Oil Diffuser.

Kindred products are made with convenience and sustainability in mind. Our diffuser clips seamlessly into your car's air vent allowing you to enjoy the benefits on the go. Our 100% natural wood cap uses wood's natural fibers as a distribution network that slowly and consistently disperses the oils. This self regulating diffuser leaves you with a subtle, long lasting aroma. Most importantly, our essential oils are responsibly and naturally sourced so you can be confident there are no chemicals like the other air fresheners.

Kindred's mission is to help individuals improve their lifestyles through a series of small tweaks. We believe the smallest changes can have largest impacts and individuals from all walks of life can take forward steps towards the path of a healthier life.

Why Kindred

Durability: the chief drawback from other diffusers is durability. Because electronic diffusers are always plugged into the car, the voltage eventually fries the battery giving the average life of 3 weeks for electronic diffusers. Kindred diffusers require no power and use wood's natural fibers to help disperse scent. Our lifetime guarantee gives you confidence that you're buying a quality product- no questions asked.

Maintenance Free: There's no need to constantly add oil, change felt pads, add water, or plug into a power source. Simply fill our 5mL reservoir with your favorite essential oils, clip to your vent, and let nature do its work.

Long Lasting Scent: Unlike felt pads, which will absorb oils for only 1-2 days, wood is a naturally absorbent material. Wood absorbs essential oils through a process known as osmosis. Its fibers act as a distribution network that self regulates and consistently disperses the fragrance. Rather than your fragrance disappearing in a few days, wood allows your oils to last for weeks.    

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