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You bought a plant at a nursery and for months it was the perfect complement to your space. Fast forward a few months- you start to notice it’s decline - wilted and droopy leaves, yellow burned leaves, powdery mildew- we’ve all experienced the symptoms and frustrations. Plant care shouldn’t be this hard!

This is why we created the Kindred Indoor Plant Fertilizer.

Unlike Miracle Grow or other fertilizers, our plant food was designed specifically for indoor plants. In general, there are two main issues plant owners face- a malnourished plant and fungus growth. From orchids, succulents, snake plants, to fiddle leaf figs, the Kindred Indoor Plant Fertilizer is an all purpose fertilizer with a balanced 3-1-2 NPK ratio that is ideal for indoor plants.


Our Premium All-Purpose Liquid Plant Food and Fertilizer is infused with Tea Tree Essential Oil and Plant Nutrients

Grow & Repair

An ideal balance of macro & micro nutrients that stimulates growth, stops wilting, and repairs damaged root systems

Gentle & Safe

Designed for use with popular indoor houseplants and potted outdoor plants. Gentle formulation nourishes your plants without causing nutrient burn.


3-1-2 NPK Ratio Optimized for your favorite houseplants

  • Nitrogen (N): Increases chlorophyll production to promote foliage growth and vibrant green leaves.
  • Phosphorus (P):Maintains healthy root systems and repairs root rot damage caused by overwatering.
  • Potassium (K):Develops strong stems, stimulates faster plant growth, and prevents brown and yellow spots.



Long Lasting & Easy to Use

Each concentrate bottle typically lasts 6-12 months. Simply mix 1 teaspoon with a quart of water and use the mixture for some or all of your regular waterings.

Designed for your favorite plants

Great for Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera, Palms, Succulents, Pothos, Ficus, Aloe, Lily, Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, Yucca, Dracaena, Rubber, Azalea, African Violet, Spider Plant, Money Plant, Lucky Bamboo, Ferns, Air Plants, Ivy, and so many more.

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